Jeff Beck

It was a really terrible shock to hear of Jeff’s passing in January this year. He was such a young 78 year old, clean living and with a wonderful sense of humour.

I was recommended as a candidate to produce Jeff in 2000 and, whilst I was unsure whether I would be the right man for the job, I agreed to meet him at Metropolis Studios.

We started working together shortly after our initial meeting - and what resulted over the next few years was 2 albums with Best Rock Guitar Performance Grammy’s for each.

It was such a privilege to collaborate with the most iconic guitarist on the planet at the time, something that has given me more kudos than pretty much anything I have done in my career. I have so many treasured memories of the time we spent together, and the sheer beauty and musicality that I witnessed in front of my eyes regularly brought me close to tears.

Jeff got in touch with me via his manager last October as he was keen to play a song from our first album ‘You Had it Coming’ in his live show and needed some of the files. Sadly, that show was destined never to be - but the work, and his music live on.

I’ll always be glad to have played a part in it.