New Tose Proeski Album

It’s the 10th anniversary of Tose’s passing in October and I’m working with the family on trying to create another album release because there’s still so much love for Tose and so much interest in him in the Balkan countries.

We’ve got a collection of songs, some of which I co-wrote with Tose, though they were never released. We’ve managed to build musical arrangements to complement his brilliant vocal performances, but I’ve also been working with Sam Swallow on beautiful piano and orchestra versions around one or two of his biggest hits.

Tose Proeski

They sound really lovely – and I’m reminded what an incredible talent Tose was.

In addition to this, I’ve also written a song in collaboration with Tose’s nephew Kristijan – a tribute to his uncle. We spent a day talking about all the things they used to do together, talking about the day that Tose died, how it felt, and I think the lyric is a beautiful distillation of everything that came out of that. Tose was too young to have had his own family, but Kristijan, his only nephew, was really close. In fact, the whole family is a close one – but there was a special bond between Tose, an iconic figure, almost an older brother figure, and Kristijan, who at the time was only a little boy. It’s sure to be an emotionally-charged album.