Diana Yukawa

Diana and I started collaborating in 2008 and completed our album ‘The Butterfly effect’ in the autumn of 2009. Having released 2 acclaimed albums previously containing largely classical pieces, we set about creating a ‘pop’ record using contemporary beats and song formats.

Our sessions could be described as a vibrant interchange of musical ideas, most of which happened extremely quickly. The resulting pieces are really fresh sounding with each piece having it’s own magic. We recorded most of the violin parts in Abbey Road studio 1 with the back up of a string quartet and a few piano accompaniments from Diana’s sister Cassie.

The highlight for me would have to be the Diana’s beautiful rendition of the late (great) David Whitakers composition ‘Summer Elegy’. We are starting to collaborate on more pieces for Diana’s 4th album and I am delighted that we are continuing our artistic collaboration.