McMahon is a Cork born singer songwriter with a unique storybook of trial, heartbreak and inspiration. It is a journey that is told through his songs as a young All-Ireland Champion gymnast, sponsored rollerblading champion and active ‘free running’, adrenaline fuelled sportsman whose world came crashing down in a moment.

That moment was when McMahon survived a serious car accident in 2007. Months of rehabilitation were needed as a result of being thrown through the windscreen and cracking his skull. Following this tragic accident McMahon was left without a sense of smell and blind in one eye.

I was approached by Terry McAbe, owner of All In Records to work with McMahon on the recommendation of Joe Bennett (JBPR music promotions). We loved the track Deep Down which was sent to us and we agreed to work on the radio mix. During this time we became great friends with McMahon and Terry McAbe and produced a further 3 songs for the album which will be released later this year.