Simple Minds - Direction of the Heart

Every Simple Minds album is an eagerly awaited event and a real journey in its development. Direction of the Heart will be our 5th album with Simple Minds (‘Big Music’, ‘Acoustic’, ‘Walk Between Worlds’ and ‘Live in the City of Angels’ being the other 4) and has its own unique story on account of the pandemic. We began the album together in the autumn of 2019 working our way through a few of the tracks. After this, Jim and Charlie both moved to Sicily for the duration of the lockdowns, emerging with an album of new songs. We spent a few weeks in Hamburg at the tail end of the record tying up all the loose ends before the wonderful Alan Moulder did the final mixes. The first single ‘Vision Thing’ has just spent on month on the Radio 2 Playlist as well as being made Record of the Week. We are hoping for a top 5 album, but secretly for a No.1!