I met Dave Stewart through mutual friends, and started working with him on his projects in about 1996. We worked together on several albums including Alisha’s Attic, Sinead O’connor, Imogen Heap and Jon Bon Jovi. I also co-produced Dave’s solo project Sli-Fi ,travelling with him frequently to LA and other fabulous destinations to write and record new songs. This was without doubt the most fun I had whilst working but I also learned so much observing Dave’s energy and positivity towards his artists.

It was a life time achievement award nomination at the Brits that bought Dave back together with Annie for the album ‘Peace’ which they invited me to make with them. The first song we developed in the studio was ‘I saved the World today’ which became a huge international hit, but the whole experience of hearing Annie sing and watching an incredible combination of people write and record great songs every day was inspirational.