As a producer well into my 3rd decade of record making, I am always interested when something different or unusual comes my way. I was introduced to Miel de Botton at a charity music night in December 2012. I was told that she wanted to record covers of classic French songs from the 40’s and 50’s. Early in 2013 I took up the challenge and we embarked on this project.

Showing an interest in songwriting Miel agreed to write a song with me whilst some of the arrangements were being written for the album. What followed can only be described as an outpouring of songs from Miel, a hidden talent that having been opened up became the main focus of our work. We began an album of original songs in parallel with the French covers and have now, some 16 months later, completed our first record together, not one album but a double album which is sure to find a place in many peoples hearts. It is an inspirational debut and a great pleasure for me to play such a big role in it’s creation.