I’ve been writing songs and producing work for Purdy for a couple of years now, and we released her first album Diamonds in the Dust about a year and a half ago. But lately, we’re all getting very excited about a new direction things have taken – and think we may just have unlocked the true way forward for the project.


At Abbey Road we recorded two new songs, both featuring strong hints of the thirties and forties – both of which are getting a fantastic response from everyone who’s hearing them. Right now, she seems to me to be the perfect British Belle – if that’s something that exists! She has real star quality and total commitment to her musical ideals. She’s gigging all the time, including a regular residency at the 606 club, so she’s also constantly honing her art.

And I’m delighted to say that she’ll be headlining at the upcoming West London Music Festival. I can’t wait to see her in action, and hear the new pieces live.

Shan Smile